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"Photographic images can be esthetic compositions that record history, and at times reveal secrets, or they may be used in complete abstractions. They hint at a story, but they can never describe it completely. The created tensions within these images can be at times perceived as ironic, comic, tragic, or miraculous. Whether from film or digital they are made using our reality, but are not complete manifestations of the four-dimensional universe anymore than an image created with a brush on canvas can be. We make these images using light for paint, the lens as our brush and the camera as the canvas. The final results display both tableau and enigma."


"In his first expanded length fine art book, JC Büller has captured the essence of the photograph over its 240 pages. Crossing boundaries of styles, he consistantly challenges the viewer with new perspectives while presenting story after story within each photographic tableau. Organized in folios or photo short stories, JC once again demonstrates his ability to captivate ordinary humanity in the extraordinary world she inhabits. His typical use of Juxtapositions with the beautiful and the haunting gives this work a surreal character. If you are a fan of Büller's earlier work in 35mm and medium format film, you will not be disappointed by this beautiful volume created using primarily digital images, printed with the highest quality materials."-Amazon Review

© Copyright February 2016.

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